It’s been a tough 3 months to get the video and all the requirements in order for my Kickstarter Campaign! But it’s finally here! The video contains footage from DC and NY and I think is a good snippet of all the love, sweat, tears and laughter that have been going into this album. I’ve got a long way ahead and am very hopeful that this campaign will be successful. With your help we can continue to write the history of contemporary world music. If we are successful, I’ll be going to Brazil in July 2013 to finish recording the album, and we will hopefully release before the end of the year!

I want to thank all the amazing friends who have been so helpful and inspiring! I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Also, I want to thank the amazing WORLD-CLASS musicians that have been playing with me here in Washington DC. The are so impressive! Some of the names are: Cesar Orosco (piano), Wayne Wilentz (piano), Leonardo Lucini (bass), Flora Lucini (bass), Dan Paul (piano), Stewart Bernard (bass), Jon Laine (drums), Roberto Berimbau (drums), Alejandro Lucini (drums), Didier Prossaird (piano), Dani Cortaza (guitar), Matvei Sigalov (guitar) and more. I am honored to have these professionals accompany me on my shows. If you don’t know them you should check them out, so much knowledge and talent!

Also the awesome cast and crew in NY who recorded the video footage up there. I couldn’t have done it without them! Aria Isadora (camera), Taganyahu Swaby (camera), Dwuane Francis (camera), Davi Vieira (percussion), Gustavo Dantas (guitar), Flora Lucini (bass), Nenas Gonçalves (guitar and songwriter of “Toro Brabo”). Another amazingly talented bunch that I’m so lucky to have as friends. Also Joel Mejia for his advice and referrals!




Contact: Renata Duarte
Telephone: (347) 403-4817

PRESS RELEASE (download pdf)
For Immediate release

Eclectic Singer and Lyricist announces the launching of the campaign to fund her debut album project, which will mix rhythms and influences from Brazil and Luso-Africa

WASHINGTON DC- Mixing samba, choro, bossa nova with semba, morna, coladera and batuco is the aim of this audacious project by a young singer from Brazil. Counting with the experience and knowhow of well-known Brazilian producer JP SILVA, Cissa embarked on this project over a year ago working across countries with JP who lives in Rio de Janeiro. Cissa shares, “working remotely has been an amazing exercise of love and dedication on both of our parts, writing songs oceans away from each other has given us a broader canvas with which to paint our impressions of culture and passion.”


Made up of well-crafted and distinctively arranged covers as well as originals, the album will be a mix of contemporary expressions of traditional sounds. This album will join the Lusophone music movement to modernize without losing the rich essence of the musical legacy of artists such as Gilberto Gil, Cesaria Evora and Waldemar Bastos.

Renowned cultural group “JONGO DA SERRINHA” will be participating in the album and have already started to record when they participated in the demo song A BEIRA E O MAR, composed by Roberto Mendes. Jongo is a rural cultural manifestation directly associated with the African culture in Brazil. The formation of samba carioca was heavily influenced by Jongo. Inserting itself within the so-called ‘dances of the belly strike’ (however being related to the ‘Semba’ or ‘Masemba’ of Angola), the Jongo was brought to Brazil by Bantus. Jongo da Serrinha is the biggest and most famous Jongo group in Rio and one of the strongest in Brazil.

Cape Verdean singer-songwriter NENAS GONÇALVES will also be collaborating in the album and two of his songs will be featured. Nenas is a talented songwriter with a similar musical taste to Cissa’s, his music is heavily influenced by Brazilian rhythms and his lyrics express the love for his culture and the struggle of his people.

The kickstarter campaign will begin on May 20, 2013 and will run for 35 days. Once launched, it will be accessible by searching for “Cissa Paz” on


Born in Belgium by chance, CISSA PAZ grew up in her parent’s hometown of Rio de Janeiro. Brought to the U.S. at age 17 her biggest dreams seemed impossible as she watched the snow falling from her window in Northern Virginia. With a diplomat father, Cissa traveled all over the world, and acquired a taste for all the ingredients now being added to her debut album project. Today, Cissa performs songs in Portuguese, Portuguese-Creole, Spanish, French and English. Her voice is pure and honest and her perspective is a refreshing blend of what world music can provide.



Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank you so much for all the love and support I’ve been receiving from you! I’m so blessed to be surrounded by like-minded positive people who appreciate my work and let me appreciate theirs.

I AM SO EXCITED to report that TODAY, FEB 25TH, 2013 my producer is in the studio in Rio de Janeiro with the musicians participating in the recording of my demo!! We are recording two songs now, once the instruments are recorded they will be sending me the music and I will be recording the vocals here in the DC area. We will be using this demo to start a funding campaign in order to finish the album. So in the next month or earlier I will be coming out with a kickstarter project and I hope you can find it in your hearts (and pockets) to make this dream a reality! More info coming soon!

Peace and Blessings,

– Paz


Mestiço @ BossaPhotography by: Earnest Evans