A tribute to MPB

Join us August 20th for a beautiful nigth of Brazilian music.  I’ll be joined by my wonderful musicians, John Lee on guitar, David Marsh on bass and Fernando Saci on percussion.  We’ll be paying tribute to the wonderful Brazilian popular music composers like Djavan, Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil and others.  Come share the night with us and stay tuned to a future event with music and poetry from Brazil.  Find us at VILLAIN & SAINT in Bethesda, MD on August 20th, 8-10pm.  Click here for the facebook invite and more info!

And in the spirit of the art of sharing art, here’s a beautiful poem by the famous Brazilian poet Cecilia Meireles, with a translation below:

Eu canto porque o instante existe
e a minha vida está completa.
Não sou alegre nem sou triste:
sou poeta.

Irmão das coisas fugidias,
não sinto gozo nem tormento.
Atravesso noites e dias
no vento.

Se desmorono ou se edifico,
se permaneço ou me desfaço,
— não sei, não sei. Não sei se fico
ou passo.

Sei que canto. E a canção é tudo.
Tem sangue eterno a asa ritmada.
E um dia sei que estarei mudo:
— mais nada.


I sing because the moment exists
and my life is complete.
I am not happy or sad:
I am poet.

Brother of the things that escape,
I don’t feel joy or torment.
I cross nights and days
In the wind.

If I fall apart or stand tall,
If I remain or am undone,
— I don’t know, don’t know. Don’t know if I stay
or pass.

I know I sing. And the song is everything.
It has eternal blood and rythmic wings.
And one day I know I’ll be silent:
— nothing more.

  • Cecilia Meireles


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