And we don’t stop!

Woow! Carnaval has kept us busy over here, and it’s not over yet. This weekend we head down to Charlotte, NC to play for the yearly A Night in Rio Festival. We are bringing samba de raiz to represent my hometown and get people warmed up. Looking forward to a high energy crowd, dancers and sitting in with Caique Vidal and Batuque for some real-deal Afro-Brazilian Axé (Ah-sheh) and samba-reggae music! Can’t wait!

Fun times at the Carlyle Club last week (photo), I felt like I was in a more romantic version of carnaval. The wonderful Dee Hale came and performed samba de gafieira with Gustavo for us, I can’t live without the dancing!

On other news, all is well with the album and my wonderful musicians. We’ll be featured at the DC Jazz Festival this year at Yard’s Park, DC on June 17th for another high energy happy hour in the nation’s capital. Looking forward to that too.

We are still working on new material, single to come out soon. I’ve been on the rhythm and prose vibe for a while and now experimenting with different rhythms of the diaspora, always bringing it back around the Brazilian roots of course. You know that summer festival where you bring a blanket and lay on someone’s lap while we serenade percussive and soft sounds? Well maybe you don’t know, but that’s what I’m shooting for 🙂

Thank you for checking me out, I look forward to seeing you soon. Stay tuned to the shows page to find out where I am or click here to subscribe to the mailing list to really stay in touch.



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