A Release Concert to Remember

Thank you so much to all my supporters, the album is FINALLY here! The release concert was as magical as I dreamed it. I’d like to thank each and every person who was there and all the people who helped me make it happen.

BUY IT NOW straight from the source 🙂

OR CLICK HERE TO BUY A DOWNLOADABLE VERSION. Please check back or sign up for MY MAILING LIST to get more updates.

Check out pictures by photographer ERIN SCOTT from the CD Release Concert:

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I’m not even sure how to say thank you to all the amazing people who helped me make the album release concert happen. I’m still a little high and tired but coming down from that feeling happy and accomplished. It was a beautiful show full of love and light. I appreciate each and every person who was there to support and appreciate the music. Thank you for coming. And I am eternally thankful for the beautiful souls who helped me. They deserve a lot of credit for I could not have done it without them. Here are some behind the scenes credits:

Fe Black – Stage Manager, Set Designer and Sanity Keeper smile emoticon
Anike Robinson – MC & Make-up Artist
Michael Moriarty – Amazing Promoter and Production Manager
Carlton Pettway – Promoter & Amazing Supporter
Kofi Rozzell – Sound Technician who had to deal with numerous problems since the theater was not ready for live music, with the help of Jean-Francis Varre. Together they miraculously made it happen! But not without the awesome sound equipment graciously lent by Aaron Broadus! Thank you Aaron!!!
Dean Carrigan – Head Production Assistant who worked hard to get those pretty rugs on stage!
Solange Moraes Rego – Hostess and Promoter
Isaac Wright, Emile Vieira, Laurence Perry, Renata Duarte, Renee Livshin, Kate Spanos – for your loyal friendship, help and support.
MY AMAZING FAMILY!!! For sticking through it and being there for me at every step!! Cecilia Pc, Fred, Renata, Marcelo, Cauan.

Also thank you to: Ernest Evans Photography, Erin Scott Photography, LiveSyphon Video Productions and Paula Phillips of the Phillips Agency.

A huge amount of work went into this show, thank you all so much for being there for me.

And thank you to my talented musicians for making my music sound good and being so hard working and reliable! César Orozco, Leonardo Lucini, Pablo R. De Oliveira, Jp Silva, John Lee, Michel Nirenberg, Lucas Ashby, Fernando Saci, Matvei Sigalov, Jean-Francis Varre and my great friend and special guest Christylez Bacon.


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