The Album is here!  Get your ticket today at!

On September 15th, 2015 at 8pm the Cissa’s self-titled album will be performed at the Gala Hispanic Theater in Columbia Heights, DC.   The album mixes the rhythms of Brazil with those of Lusophone countries in Africa such as Cape Verde and Angola.  With Brazilian and African composers, songs mix rhythms and ideas with similar roots but different evolution.  Cissa Paz, a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, recorded the album in her hometown in 2014.  Her producer JP Silva is the former Musical Director for Brazilian iconic singer Elza Soares.  Special guests on the album include world famous violinist Nicolas Krassik, the voices of the traditional group “Jongo da Serrinha” and New York based percussionist Davi Vieira, former member of Forro in the Dark.  Performing with Cissa at the release party will be the producer JP Silva on 7-string guitar, Cesar Orozco on piano, Leonardo Lucini on Bass, Fernando Saci on percussion, Pablo Oliveira on Cavaco, Matvei Sigalov on violin and electric guitar and Special Guest Christylez Bacon on beatbox and hip hop.


We are so excited to finally be able to show the public this wonderful project we have been working so hard on for the last 2 years!  Thank you so much for your contributions and support, I couldn’t have done it alone!



  1. Hi Cissa My Name is Ronald from Philly
    I just heard some of your music and love it . I also post it on my face book page for all my FB friends can see you . I will be buying some of you CD’s. Good luck and keep up the good work. Ronald

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