It’s about time for a Cissa update!

Dear friends, family, supporters!

I’m so sorry I’ve been silent for a while now. But I promise we have been working VERY HARD on the project. SO MUCH love and hard work are going into this album, it’s difficult to explain. It’s definitely been a big challenge to work with a team who’s so far away (in Brazil). We made good use of the time while I was there, and have been working hard on getting this songs on tracks. We have SEVEN songs recorded now with everything but my vocals. And the three that are left will be the end of the kickstarter money. So my new challenge is finding funding to mix, master, print and distribute. Wish me luck! I’m so fortunate to have had your help to get this far, and rest assured I’M GOING TO FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

No time to worry, the arrangements have been coming out really beautifully. Among the arrangers are JP Silva, Nelson Freitas and Cesar Orosco. We have three original songs written by myself and JP. There are some Cape Verdean songs and one Angolan song. The rest are Brazilian. The sound is the mixture we were looking for and the band is super talented and never ceases to amaze me! It’s been really fun and I’m really looking forward to sharing this music with you.

Supporter’s gifts are in the works and will be getting to you before release date. Which right now is set to the first week of April (subject to change, but fingers crossed!). If you have questions or ever wonder what the heck I’m doing please reach out to me on facebook. Even if I take some time to respond I do my best to keep that inbox clean.

On more good news, we set a date! I’ll be going to Brazil in January to record all the vocals \o/ YAY!

Blessings and eternal thanks to all who are making dreams come true. I will try to send another update before too long, this one was way too long coming!

I HAVE A SPECIAL SNEAK PEAK FOR THOSE WHO STILL WANT TO CONTRIBUTE AND WHO HAVE ALREADY CONTRIBUTED, OF COURSE. I have sent an unfinished version of one of the songs on the album to all kickstarter contributors. If you haven’t had the chance to contribute but want to, here’s the link, any amount counts! You will receive the sneak peak after contributing! 🙂



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