The album is in the belly

It’s been an amazing month in Cissa world!  I was so happy and relieved to have made the Kickstarter goal.  I can’t thank my backers enough, and I hope you know that your money is being very well measured and spent.  I’m trying to make the right financial choices to make sure the album is as GREAT as possible. 

While in Brazil, we recorded 6 tracks.  They sound SO BEAUTIFUL.  The musicians working with us are absolutely amazing.  They brought in the levels of professionalism and creativity that I had been hoping for.  We recorded with Nelcinho Freitas (piano), Rodrigo Ferreira (bass), Paulinho Criança (drums), Anderson Vilmar (percussion) and of course JP Silva (guitar, cavaco, mandolin).  There will also be other additions with horns and an AMAZING rabeca player, who shall remain nameless for now.  A true blessing! I’m happy to report the CD will feature about 4 original songs, composed by JP and myself.  I’m loving them so far.  Making a song is almost as gratifying as making a baby.  Lol!

I also made room for some great opportunity for the album.  With an upcoming collaboration for the next 4 songs (to complete the album) of Marcos Suzano and João Pires.  Suzano is a world-famous percussionist who’s worked with all the big names like Bebel Gilberto, Ney Matogrosso, Djavan to name a few.  And João is a wonderful composer from Portugal, with tons of Cape Verdean experience.  His new CD called “Caminhar” has just been released and is very beautiful. 

The trip was very enriching for me.  I made some great friends, great music and even sat in on some of JP’s gigs.  Jongo da Serrinha was very accommodating and I was also very happy to sit in with them at Trapiche in Downtown Rio.  Those are some very talented ladies with a gorgeous repertoire!

Back at the nation’s capital:  Last night I had the honor of opening the show for Casuarina.  A wonderful samba band made up of super talented virtuosos. They had been on tour in the U.S. and Tropicalia was their last stop before returning home.  What a wonderful night!  The crowd was awesome and Casuarina killed it!  It’s such a treat to have a band of that caliber in town.  I’m very blessed to have been a part of it.

These are exciting progressions and I am really looking forward to sharing my music with you very soon.  I’m working hard every day to make it happen and I’m so grateful for the support from my community.  You are making dreams come true!  Thank you!  ❤


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