It’s been a tough 3 months to get the video and all the requirements in order for my Kickstarter Campaign! But it’s finally here! The video contains footage from DC and NY and I think is a good snippet of all the love, sweat, tears and laughter that have been going into this album. I’ve got a long way ahead and am very hopeful that this campaign will be successful. With your help we can continue to write the history of contemporary world music. If we are successful, I’ll be going to Brazil in July 2013 to finish recording the album, and we will hopefully release before the end of the year!

I want to thank all the amazing friends who have been so helpful and inspiring! I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Also, I want to thank the amazing WORLD-CLASS musicians that have been playing with me here in Washington DC. The are so impressive! Some of the names are: Cesar Orosco (piano), Wayne Wilentz (piano), Leonardo Lucini (bass), Flora Lucini (bass), Dan Paul (piano), Stewart Bernard (bass), Jon Laine (drums), Roberto Berimbau (drums), Alejandro Lucini (drums), Didier Prossaird (piano), Dani Cortaza (guitar), Matvei Sigalov (guitar) and more. I am honored to have these professionals accompany me on my shows. If you don’t know them you should check them out, so much knowledge and talent!

Also the awesome cast and crew in NY who recorded the video footage up there. I couldn’t have done it without them! Aria Isadora (camera), Taganyahu Swaby (camera), Dwuane Francis (camera), Davi Vieira (percussion), Gustavo Dantas (guitar), Flora Lucini (bass), Nenas Gonçalves (guitar and songwriter of “Toro Brabo”). Another amazingly talented bunch that I’m so lucky to have as friends. Also Joel Mejia for his advice and referrals!




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